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The Lugano Airport, after Geneva, is the second Swiss Airport to obtain certification from EASA, (European Aviation Safety Agency).

OmniBus has implemented two independent and redundant SCADA systems for the airport.

The first system is dedicated to the management of runway lights during takeoff and landings.

The second supervision system is implemented for the management of all of the airport’s technical alarms, from elevators to obstacle detectors (OBS) which are placed on the mountains opposite the runway.

The main system which manages the runway lights is controlled from the control tower. In case of abnormalities, the second separate system intervenes, through approved authorization. While the second system is completely independent of the first, it is synchronized functionally.

These two systems communicate independently with a PLC redundancy system, which centralizes the management of commands and of operational states towards gateways and secondary PLCs, which are also redundant.

The entire fiber network on two redundant and physically separate rings houses two redundant servers for the acquisition and management of technical alarms.

Access is by certified authentication and every operation is traced.

Various summaries provide details on all systems either local to the airport or external which are connected via GSM or WAN.

Reports provide immediate statistics on recorded alarms which have been tracked giving information such as duration, frequency, intervention time and their resolution.

The entire system has been operational 24 hours a day since 2011, without any service interruptions.