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OmniBus Garmin wellness partner

OmniBus is now part of the Garmin Wellness API developer program.

Garmin is one of the main producers of devices that record different sport activities. It is well known for its GPS, automotive, nautical and trekking systems, and has developed a complete line of fitness products.

OmniBus has received the right to access Garmin’s Connect Platform servers to obtain information from pedometers, watches, scales.

This new collaboration allows us to integrate Garmin Products in our OmniProfiler platform for senior citizens’ assistance. They will also be able to choose Garmin as an instrument that tracks the person’s activity and detects any weight fluctuations.

We have selected the Vivofit line of detectors, which is a user-friendly light-weight bracelet. It automatically synchronizes with Garmin Connect servers without any action on the part of the user. The battery lasts one year so maintenance is minimal.

The information gathered from the bracelet is securely sent to the Garmin server, after permission is received from the user. The OmniProfiler platform receives and analyzes the data thanks to its medical algorithms.

The Wellness API developer program allows OmniBus to access data from all Garmin fitness, health and wellness products.