Our home automation supervising system OmniVision is now connected to the centralized Securiton Securlink UMS management system for anti-burglary and fire protection systems.

The Securiton UMS – Universal Management System – is a software infrastructure which allows security and fire protection data from the hardware center to be displayed.

In particular, Securlink connects the SecuriSafe anti-burglary system to the SecuritiFire fire protection system.

In the role of OmniBus, we have extended the characteristics of our multiprotocol gateway using OmniVision in order to communicate with Securlink.

This new integration, perfectly merged to home automation management, enables the visualization and supervision of Securiton’s anti-theft and firefighting detectors from OmniVision.

As in home automation scenarios, it is now possible to integrate enabling or disabling commands from Securiton detectors. This way you have greater control over your residence in different situations.

As with the status of sensors, alarm reports of break-ins and fire detection can also be visualized by OmniVision, which is locally or externally accessible by smartphone.

The connection between OmniVision and Securlink is implemented by means of OPC Data Access technology and is united by a local server-to-server authentication system which is encrypted. As such, it is inaccessible from any other kind of device or software, and always respects web security criteria.

OmniVision makes it possible to customize the management of sensors and alarms based on the end consumer’s needs.