Twist and Go with HID Mobile Access



Always more wireless, always more mobile.

Mobile and wireless technology is what we consider consolidated in most hi-tech sectors and it is also taking over the area of access control which had been directly correlated to cabling work until now.

When we talk about Mobile Access, we refer to the use of a mobile device – such as smartphones, tablets or wearables –to gain access to doorways, gateways, networks and secure portals. Mobile Access control solutions enable companies to satisfy their increasing need for a mobile-centric realty.

HID Mobile Access is the most complete solution for mobile access control available on today’s market: It incorporates aspects from Bluetooth readers habilitated for reading virtual badges to cloud based management portals.

HID Mobile Access is the most dynamic, convenient and secure cloud solution for the opening of doors through smartphone and other intelligent devices.


No infrastructure cost;


Independence from the location;

Operative efficiency;

Centralized management;

Web Portal for management and reporting functions.

It is enough to approach one’s mobile phone to a reader on a door/ door lock, or to the door of a gate from a certain distance. Thanks to the gesture-based Twist & Go technology patented by HID Global, one can enter the gate in total security.

HID mobile Access supports Bluetooth Smart Low Energy (BLE) which allows the usage of iPhones and Smartphones based on Android operating systems, without any extra accessories like virtual badges.


Bluetooth Low Energy is able to operate at a close distance and from far away. BLE can reach 10 meters and therefore is ideal for the opening of gates and external passages.

The readers can be installed on the opposite side of the doors or they can be hidden.

 Low energy consumption.

BLE is supported by Android and iOS devices.

HID Mobile Access’ Advantages


More choice in choosing– Mobile technology has been used at a fast pace.

You have freedom of movement by transferring access control to smartphones, tablets, bracelets, watches or other wearables. The choice depends on the user’s preferences.

HID Mobile Access supports the vastest variety of mobile devices in the sector today, but it can also be used in addition to the traditional access with paper.


More applications – the companies’ identity management is changing; IT sectors, Security and Facility Management sectors are working on the development of consolidated access programs.

HID Mobile Access allows for more than one secure identity to reside on one intelligent device – creating in this way a solution for physical and logical for access control which is based on an only device.


More security – HID Mobile Access is fed by revolutionary credential technology and is based on ISO standards used from the government of the United States and from other global organizations to encrypt classified or sensitive data, providing distinctive security and data identity privacy protection.

Have you ever tried a Mobile system for access control? What do you think?

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