OmniBas and OmniVision for home automation

OmniBAS and OmniVISION: our product lines to create your own home automation system.


OmniBAS is the name of our line of modules for home automation.

Our modules are based on the standard worldwide LonWorks bus and can be integrated with systems from other manufacturers.

With a 4-wired electric plug, the size of a telephone cable, we connect all command buttons and all activators without having to respect any particular sequence or type of distribution (free topology).

All hardware and firmware modules are designed by our company.
This allows us to develop customized solutions that can satisfy any need.
Every module operates independently and can function even when abnormalities are found in other parts of the system.

We have created modules that have control over lights and other mechanisms, command systems which have control over electronic and mechanic button panels, interface modules that connect home automation to a bus and various technologies.

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OmniVISION is our software which manages the home automation modules.

This software, completely designed by our company, allows you to monitor every home automation component throughout your house by using a simple user interface.

Scenarios that perform multiple tasks at the same time can be created by the user in order to create special environmental settings – from welcoming scenarios with lights, curtains, music regulation, to anti–theft occupancy simulations.
You can check alarms, perform direct commands and create special scenarios even when you’re not at home by accessing the program through your smartphone

We have integrated multimedia systems such as Bang & Olufsen, Tutondo, Sonos e Control4.

We can obtain information from bus KNX, OPC, Beckhof, allowing integration with security and air-conditioning systems.

We have selected a series of high-performance full-crystal touch panels with reliable industrial characteristics. The screens have FULL HD capability. The touch panels can also be wall-mounted, so that you have all OmniVISION functions at your disposal.

All details found in our OmniVISION presentation (pdf) »
Deutsche Version (pdf) »

For industrial usage, we offer a certified version called OmniVISION SCADA, which is compatible with the main industrial buses. Based on the SCADA Movicon of Progea mechanism, it facilitates the control and management of every kind of industrial process. We can develop analysing systems for the monitoring and management of energy consumption.

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Our building automation modules
I/O diital - 6DOP
I/O Digital – FT-6DOP-4DI

The module that manages the turning on and off of light sources or any type of device with a power consumption of up to 15 A.

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I/O diital - 6DOP
I/O Analogic – FT-3DOP-4DI

The module for the management of light regulation or devices which require analogic signals. This module is compatible with the main types of power regulators.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.4.1.3] »

Motors - FT-4MAC-4DI
Motors – FT-4MAC-4DI

The module that manages motors with functions that control shading systems. It can be integrated with weather stations and lighting sensors.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.4.0.0] »

Buttons – FT5K-BCU-XP

The functional and flexible interface between buttons and the building automation system. Appropriate for both electronic and mechanical buttons.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.3.0.0] »

Gateway LMG
Gateway LON / LAN

The Multipurpose Lonworks Gateway allows you to integrate your own building automation installation into a supervision system.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.2.0.0] »

Gateway DMX
Gateway LON / DMX

A gateway that allows you to integrate multicolored LED lighting systems on a DMX bus with LonWorks home automation installations.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.1.1.1] »

Getway DALI
Gateway LON / DALI
A gateway that allows you to integrate lighting systems on a Dali bus with LonWorks home automation installations.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.1.3.1] »

Gateway Weather Station
Gateway LON / Weather Station
A complete interface for the gathering and management of weather data.

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Plug-In Lonworks [R.1.0.2] »

Touch Major
Touch Panel Major

Run your own home automation system with a click.
Full-crystal PC touch panel in 10.4″, 15″, 18.5″ formats, with wall mounting.

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Touch eDOMO
Touch panel eDOMO

High-performance PC touch panel.
Crystal PC touch panel 15.6″ FULL-HD format.

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