Our Objectives: Prevention, Security, Quality of Life

OmniProfiler: our strategy for helping senior citizens

Giving senior citizens the means to take care of themselves, while assisting their families and doctors – this is what OmniProfiler is all about. In order to develop the tools needed, we have taken full advantage of our home automation knowledge and our technological integration experience.


Every day the senior citizen’s activities are monitored with non-invasive methods.

The person’s daily profile is created based on the actions recorded by the home automation system, such as the pulling up and down of blinds, the turning on and off of lights and the use of household appliances.

Moreover, other information is recorded such as weight, footsteps, quality of sleep from fitness sensors (e.g., Fitbit, Withings, Garmin).

All of this data is put together to create a complete profile which describes the individual’s habits and state of health.

Changes are analyzed over time, and notifications of possible discomfort symptoms are sent to family and doctors.


We can create daily rules which are designed to check up on specific daily behaviours.

We can send an email to family members when the senior citizen gets out of bed in the morning.
We can send a report which shows how the elderly person has spent the night, how much and how well the person has slept, how many times the person got up.
We can send a general daily report of your loved one’s activities.

By analyzing the data over a long time-frame, we can warn the doctor when parameters such as weight and mobility slowly degenerate or if they change unexpectedly.
It is also possible to warn the doctor when changes are not in line with what is expected in light of medical treatments.

Check ups

We have developed a simplified display of the individual’s own activities that can be seen directly on their own television.

An internet portal takes all gathered information and converts it into graphs for the use of the family and doctors. This procedure respects all privacy and data collection regulations.
Simple functions help create alert rules and allows the generation of reports to be either enabled or disabled.

A centralized control system instantly reports on possible sensor anomalies and makes it possible to intervene remotely to restore the sensors.


It’s important to know where the senior citizen is located and how the person moves around within their residential area.

Similar to a GPS navigator, we have designed an internal geolocation system which lets you know where a person is located inside the building.

The system is made up of wireless antennas and a small detector. This detector is the size of a button and has more than a year’s worth of battery life expectancy. These two components, when worn by the senior citizen, give precise tracking information in enclosed areas..

Localization data improves the behaviour profile by monitoring how long and when the person is in the different rooms of their home.

In healthcare facilities, internal localization helps doctors and nurses find and assist the person in need in a more efficient and immediate way.

The analysis of a person’s movements can help spot early onset Alzheimer’s disease.