Revolving Doors

OmniBus proposes Revolving Doors of the OmniDoors line of products when there is the requirement for an entry which can grant a substantial flow of people.

The Revolving doors are an integrated part of a building’s facade and they represent the central point of the atrium. It is very important for the visitor to have a good impression when looking at the perfect revolving door, architecturally speaking, and for it to be completely reliable and reassuring especially during busy people flows.

With OmniBus there are almost no boundaries to creativity and our Revolving Doors are a combination of aspects such as high-quality material, flexible functioning and a guarantee for long lasting energy efficiency.

This kind of product is usually installed in areas like airports, laboratories, hotels, shopping malls or in big companies’ access points. OmniBus takes care of the ideation and installation of automatic interlocking and revolving doors which take the lead from an esthetic and technological point of view.

The resistance and the design of these doors allow a regular and homogeneous people flow. Transparent visibility is maintained internally and externally along with the internal and external maintenance of the temperature.


Thanks to a dedicated interface sheet, the interaction between OmniBus’s access control system OmniAccess and the Revolving Doors is facilitated, which allows a secure access management.

The Revolving Doors of the OmniDoors line of products is made of in stainless steel while it’s side panels and wings are made of glass.

This product can be personalized based on your specific requirements. Click here to visualize various types and measurements of our Revolving Doors.

Here are the product’s main features:

  • High performance and elegance
  • Customizable in order to integrate the design with your kind of building
  • Silent functioning
  • Regular and homogeneous movement
  • Easy maintainability of the product (averagely qualified personnel needed)
  • No need for a special electromechanical tuning
  • The resistance of the structure allows for a long period of functioning with a high people flow
  • 24V DC motor system controlled by a very advanced electronic ensuring an accurate control of the movement of the wings. ​
  • The software is easily modifiable and replaceable, this allows for quick updates of functions to be made.
  • Very low consumption of electricity thanks to the efficient mechanical engineering. ​
  • WI-FI control panel system dedicated to connecting the tablet that allows to display all the states of the cabin and generate commands.

Examples of installation:


Security Door Sensor Barrier

Barriers with access sensors are made up of semicircular columns in stainless steel and have a highly reliable modular Swing Flap System with EN 16005 approval.

The system is equipped with half-height swing flaps managed via a sensor-controlled passage way. After an authorized person has exceeded the barrier, the panels automatically block the passage in order to avoid unauthorized entries.

The sensor barrier is fixed on the finished floor level.

This barrier has the transit capacity of 20 – 40 people per minute and is designed in order to preform at least 7 million cycles (Mean Cycles Between Failures).

Wi-Fi enabled unit is programmable through Webpage on Internet browser.


Thanks to a dedicated interface sheet, the interaction between O.E. OmniBus’s access control system OmniAccess and the barriers with access sensors is facilitated, allowing  a secure access management.


Barrier functioning method

Mode Badge in entry Badge in exit Free entry Free exit
A Yes Yes No No
B Yes No No  Yes
C No Yes Yes No
D No No Yes Yes

Technical specifications and features

  • Functionning tempertature range: -20 to +55° C
  • IP30
  • Automation and actuators
  • Low maintenance Brushless motorization
  • Control board HC2 BMC 16.1
  • Power supply: 110 – 230V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption – 50 W
  • RFID Reader dimensions L 11xW 12xH 4 cm