An economical high-tech solution to secure your staff and customers while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impose special obligations on the employer can be found with THERMO SCANNER, the device that quickly and accurately measures people’s body temperature and detects the presence or absence of the protective mask in a transit location.


A smart investment as the device can be used as a attendance controller once the pandemic is over.


With THERMO SCANNER the security of businesses, schools, shops, offices, stations, trade fairs, hotels and other facilities can be made more automated and safer.

What are its advantages

  • Instant and fast installation with the support of our professional team
  • Immediate warning of high body temperature (accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C)
  • Automatic and autonomous operation
  • Visual temperature information monitoring screen and voice command informing the user about the procedure
  • Possibility to use the device as an attendance controller
  • Optional reporting to security or personnel office
  • Possibility to connect it to the door opening
  • Respect for privacy, images are not stored but only revealed locally and then destroyed.
  • Adjustable support
  • Simple and elegant design

Have a look at the THERMO SCANNER data sheet (Italian)



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